I am a Middle and High School Mathematics Teacher. I have been living and teaching internationally for over 10 years. My purpose with this blog is to share my ideas as I learn and grow in the teaching profession. I invite you to comment and share!

Since August 2003, I lived and worked in Antigua, Ghana, Vietnam, and Korea before coming to Singapore.  These experiences have afforded me wonderful opportunities to learn in so many different ways inside and outside the classroom.

Hiking in Anja Community Reserve, Ambalavao, Madagascar; Summer 2010

Hiking in Anja Community Reserve, Ambalavao, Madagascar; Summer 2010

In 2012-13, I attended the University of British Columbia full time to complete a Master of Education in Mathematics Education in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy. I chose to do this because I wanted to challenge myself and my convictions while interacting face-to-face with a cohort of talented professionals, and further ground my practice in educational research.  I also continued to get some hiking and travelling in, and met some amazing and inspiring people while living at Green College.

Hike to Garibaldi Lake, BC, Canada, July 2012

Hike to Garibaldi Lake, BC, Canada, July 2012

It was at this time that I began this blog to process, to express, to explore, to share, and to reflect. Since then, life has changed in even more wonderful ways through marriage and the birth of our daughter.


Vanessa, me, and Ellora. Photo session at BLINK in 2016

Welcome to my blog! Thanks for taking the time to visit. I appreciate any feedback you have!

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